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Where is my certificate?

You’ve completed all your lessons, but where is that certificate? Never fear, you might just need to check a few boxes – here’s how.

First, check your course completion

The upper-left corner of your course shows how many of the steps you’ve completed:

Next, see what’s left to do

The icons on the left indicate which steps are left for you to complete. Here’s an example where Module 4 is not completed (on the left) and one where all steps are completed (on the right).

“But I took those lessons already!”

If you used the arrow keys to move around in the course, you might have overlooked the “Complete” checkbox at the bottom of each lesson. Go back and click it now, and make sure you finish up any outstanding quizzes.

That’s all it takes! When all steps have been completed, your Certificate link will appear up at the top left corner, and you’ll also receive an email with a link to it.


Feel free to reach out to us at for help.