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Supervisor Training

Delivered June 1, 2023
Skye Mercer & Nancy Bacon

Supervising others is one of the most important roles a leader has within an organization. When done well, it has the power to set people up for success. When done poorly or without intention, it can leave staff or volunteers struggling to make progress on your important mission. Supervisors need professional training and support for their work to be meaningful, have an impact, and protect the organization from harm.

How can we better set supervisors up for success? How can we make sure the nonprofits we lead don’t leave supervisors on their own to figure out their people leadership role?

The answer lies at the cross section of HR practice and adult learning knowledge. That is why HR expert Skye Mercer and educator/learning strategist Nancy Bacon are collaborating on an interactive online workshop on how to be a better people leader.

By the end of the hour, you will know why it matters that you focus on a learning strategy for the supervisors in your organization. You will have a framework to think about the range of support supervisors need to succeed. You will have the building blocks around which you can plan your supervisors’ orientation and on-going coaching and support. You will know who to turn to for help filling your teams’ professional development needs.

This workshop was designed for people managing supervisors, supervisors themselves, and the association leaders who support them.