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Partner with the Nonprofit Learning Center

The Nonprofit Learning Center offers two ways to partner with us. Please reach out to learn more about ways we can work together.

  • Licensed Courses
  • Affiliate Marketing Program

Licensed Courses

We partner with your organization to create a licensed version of our courses so you can offer training to all your members. For an additional fee, licensed versions can also be co-branded to include content that’s specific to your cause or group. Our partner organizations include:

Washington Food Coalition
Community Foundation of Snohomish County

Affiliate Marketing Program

The Affiliate Marketing Program pays you to connect members of your nonprofit community with resources from the Nonprofit Learning Center. This program is designed for those who serve a wide range of nonprofits, such as:

  • State nonprofit associations
  • National and international NGOs with local or regional chapters
  • Nonprofit coalitions and alliances
  • Nonprofit consultants who offer complementary services, such as strategic planning or interim executive placement

The program includes a discount on both individual and group courses for your members and a commission to your organization for paid referrals. Please give us a call today to learn more and sign up!