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North Columbia Nonprofits

Welcome to the Nonprofit Learning Center!

Free learning

Nonprofit Radio Show: A regular podcast with tips and tools for small nonprofits!

Nonprofit Labor & Industries Navigator: Learn what you need to know about worker-related rules in Washington State. A partnership with Washington State Labor & Industries

Nonprofit Safety Hero: Explore safety and health topics for nonprofit organizations. Learn what the law says…. and find ready-to-use tools to orient staff and volunteers to safety!

Learning and tools for boards and more

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Nonprofit Board Certificate: Learn how to turn your nonprofit board into a powerhouse board! This popular class not only tells you what to think about, but walks you through how to implement it. The 24-page workbook guides your board through critical conversations.

How to Raise Money for Your Organization: This workbook will give you what you need to raise more money for your organization.

Let’s Talk Money: Does everyone participate in board finance discussions? Maybe folks don’t because they need a quick lesson in nonprofit finance basics. After this course, your board will more deeply understand your organization’s finances to make better decisions.

Disaster Planning for Nonprofits: Don’t wait for the next wildfire to get ready for a disaster. Use these tools to get organized and people energized to have a plan before disaster strikes.

If you have any questions about these resources or anything else that would support your nonprofit, email us!