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Nonprofit Labor & Industries Navigator

Find your way through the worker-related rules to ensure the people delivering your mission are safe, healthy, and secure.

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Nonprofit Labor & Industries Navigator is for nonprofits in Washington with staff and those which engage non-staff people to work on their behalf, such as independent contractors, volunteers, and interns. In some cases, the rules specify that they govern 501(c)3s; other nonprofits should seek additional information to clarify if those rules relate to them. We encourage employers outside of the nonprofit sector to use other resources that may include additional topics relevant to them.


We offer a variety of resources to help nonprofits understand and follow the rules administered by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries. Choose from the options below.

Download the Nonprofit Labor & Industries Navigator Guide

Designed to serve as a learning tool as well as a reference, this 36-page written guide walks you through the rules as they apply to nonprofits.

Get the Board Member’s Guide to Worker-Related Rules

If you serve on the board of a nonprofit, this helpful resource will get you up to speed on the issues a board member needs to know for compliance and good governance.

Quick-reference: The top 10 things nonprofit leaders need to know

Download and share this one-page guide with your colleagues. Use the QR codes to quickly access additional resources from the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries and the Nonprofit Learning Center.

Attend a webinar or a class to learn more

  • Reach out to learn when Nonprofit Labor & Industries Navigator events are scheduled.
A tour of state agencies for nonprofits
5 safety items you should know
What is an independent contractor?
Understanding pay threshholds
How Workers’ Compensation risk rates are calculated

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