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Free Resources for Your Nonprofit

Here at the Nonprofit Learning Center, we know from personal experience that nonprofits run on tight budgets. We’ve compiled a number of free resources here to help make your job easier.

  • A video to help explain board service when you’re recruiting new board members.
  • A nonprofit board orientation video.

Volunteer Safety Hero: Quick, free safety resources for volunteers and volunteer managers.

Developed by the same folks who brought you the Nonprofit Learning Center. Volunteers just want to get to work, so this site helps them do that safely, with 2-minute videos and quick printed materials.

Nonprofit Safety Hero: Free safety and health training, tools, and resources for your nonprofit staff, board, and volunteers.

The APPapp, an online tool to quickly develop your nonprofit’s written Accident Prevention Program (required by law in Washington State).

The Labor & Industries Nonprofit Navigator, L&I resources for Washington State nonprofit organizations. (Currently under revision – check back for the 2024 edition!)

Videos for new and potential board members

The Nonprofit Learning Center is pleased to announce two new video resources for your Board of Directors. We know it can be a challenge to find the right people for your board, so we’ve assembled these videos to make it easier.

Before you join a board: Watch “Ready to Serve”

Share “Ready to Serve” with potential board members. It’s intended to walk them through the decision before they join the board. Answering their questions and explaining what to expect will make it easier for potential board members to envision themselves in the role.

After you join a board: Watch “Welcome to the Board,” a nonprofit board orientation

Share “Welcome to the Board” with new members of the Board of Directors. This nonprofit board orientation will help them understand what is expected of them and how they can succeed in the new role.