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Free fundraising tools for your nonprofit

How to Raise Money for Your Organization

When you start planning a fundraising event, where do you begin? If you want to engage with your community of support, what matters is not bags of ice and number of chairs, but the purpose and strategy behind the event.

The Nonprofit Learning Center is pleased to offer two free tools to help, our Event Planning Worksheet and our Event Planning Checklist.

For more information on how to use these tools, sign up for our short course in How to Raise Money for Your Organization.

Here are some of the elements that go into your planning worksheets:

  • Purpose: Every event should have a clear purpose. Why is the event worthy of the time and effort involved in putting it on?
  • Strategy. What is the strategy behind the event? Is your goal to increase individual giving , or to engage more deeply with younger donors?
  • People. Who are the people involved in the event? Who specifically are the individuals you are cultivating as donors?
  • Success measures. Before you have the event, make sure you have your success measures in place. Your success measures will flow from your strategy and goals.

Use the Worksheet first, to determine your purpose and strategy. Then use the Checklist to capture the People and Success Measures.

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