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Join us for a live, on-line delivery of our popular board course!
Powerhouse Boards is the same content as the on-demand Nonprofit Board Certificate Course.

January 9, 16, & 23, 2024

4:00-6:00pm Pacific |  7:00-9:00pm Eastern

Powerhouse boards bring energy to their work. They make good decisions on behalf of their mission. They are nimble, influential, effective, and connected. You may have seen such a board in your community—maybe you serve on one. If so, you know the joy when a group of people comes together and makes a difference.

Powerhouse Boards is a 3-part online class designed to leave you ready to serve with more joy, confidence, and results. By the end of our six hours together, you will have:

  • A strategy for recruiting diverse, mission-aligned people to your board
  • A clear sense of what the job is (and an excitement to do it!)
  • A deeper understanding of legal responsibilities
  • A recipe for committees and meetings centered on purpose and results
  • Practical ways to involve board members in fundraising

Here’s a summary of the three sessions:

PART 1: Build a powerhouse board | January 9

Let’s start at the beginning to understand the core purpose of your organization and how you can assemble the right people to achieve your goals. By the end of this session, you will have a clear sense of what you do and why, be able to explain this purpose to someone outside your organization and use this understanding to build a recruitment plan for your future board.

PART 2: Know the job | January 16

The right people will be ready to serve if they know the job and basic skills needed to do it. This includes how to read financial statements and follow the law when it comes to state and federal compliance. By the end of this session, you will know the roles and responsibilities of a board member. You will be able to “speed read” your way through a balance sheet and income statement, and you will have basic knowledge on what you need to do to follow the law.

PART 3: Work well together | January 23

Boards have a lot on their plate, so let’s talk about tips and tools to help your board work well together. Since so much work happens at meetings, we’ll talk about ways to make meetings effective. You’ll learn how to use committees to make good decisions. And our favorite topic of all: how to get every board member involved in raising money for your organization. You’ll leave with “ready to go” ideas on how to bring in more money to better achieve your mission.

All participants will receive the 24-page Powerhouse Boards Workbook to use through the session and to keep as a planning tool. The workbook is available in English and Spanish.


Nancy Bacon has trained thousands of board members and those who work with them.Sheis an educator who has served in the nonprofit roles of executive director, founding program director, board member, and volunteer since 1996. She created the portfolio of nonprofit classes and resources available to all nonprofits in Washington State, including Boards in Gear, Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits, and Let’s Go Legal. In 2022, Nancy launched the Nonprofit Learning Center to make sure all nonprofit leaders anywhere in the country have access to outcome-based learning: Nancy is known for delivering highly engaging online learning that rivals being together in a room.

In partnership with:

Community Foundation of Snohomish County


Once again, Nancy, presenting complex issues in an accessible way. Loved it!

Fantastic! Best “adult training” class in many years. Super helpful in strengthening our board.

Wow! Practical, applicable, inspiring.

My goal today was to expose other members of our executive committee to the possibilities for building a high functioning board. I am hopeful. Thank you!

Peer interaction invaluable to learn from others’ experience