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Powerhouse Boards Resources

Thank you for joining us for Powerhouse Boards! Use this landing page as a resource as you put into action what you learn through this course.

Class resources

Session 1 slides
Session 2 slides
Session 3 slides

General resources

Board matrix
9 Strategies to Decolonize Your Board (the article that contains the survey)

Board application form
Democracy NC example of board application invitation
Board job description template (BoardSource)
Board job description example
CFOH board roles and responsibilities example (thank you Pat!)
Commitment form 1
Commitment form 2
Commitment form 3
Commitment form 4
Commitment form 5
“What Every Board Member Should Know About Finance and Accounting” from JJCO
Roles and responsibilities from all volunteer to staff organization

Meeting agenda (word doc)
ED Report

Keep learning

Nonprofit Radio Show – Nancy co-hosts (with Sarah Brooks) a podcast for small nonprofits. FREE LEARNING! Subscribe today.