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Nonprofit Learning Center

Get ready to do things differently.

There is an unlimited supply of free nonprofit information and resources available on the Internet. Consultants and businesses post tips and tools to help you know what to do. But your success isn’t based on knowing what to do.

Your success is based on knowing how to do it. You need clear steps and proven methods for moving you and your organization forward. At the Nonprofit Learning Center, we provide the right level of information and step-by-step guidance to get you unstuck and create forward momentum in your work. We give you not just what you need to know, but how to do it too.  

How do we know it works? Our instruction method was developed by teacher and veteran nonprofit educator Nancy Bacon, who has delivered hundreds of nonprofit trainings in-person and online over the course of her 25+ year career. Nancy partners with communications expert Margaret Schulte to develop resources that are engaging and accessible to busy nonprofit people. We aren’t in the learning business to sell you consulting or a subscription. Our only goal is that you and your nonprofit colleagues find greater joy, confidence, and results in your nonprofit service.

Meps Schulte and Nancy Bacon
Margaret “Meps” Schulte and Nancy Bacon, creators of the Nonprofit Learning Center

About Nancy & Meps

Nancy and Meps work at the intersection of nonprofits, adult learning, and communication to deliver learning experiences and tools that move people to action. We have worked together since the early 2000’s, when we met volunteering for a program serving Afro-Brazilian women in Salvador, Brazil. Through experiences like these, we have seen firsthand the power of the nonprofit and public sector to strengthen our communities.

We know nonprofits, having worn just about every nonprofit hat possible. We have served as executive director, program leader, board member, and community volunteer. We bring a deep understanding of the nonprofit challenges you face. Said another way, we have stood in your shoes before.

We are also experts in adult learning. We combine that understanding with 25 years creating and delivering adult learning programs. We bring the latest research in adult learning to our work, honed through thousands of hours teaching nonprofit staff, board, and volunteers in workshops and webinars. We have been called “action obsessed,” a badge we wear proudly. We are obsessed with your ability to take action because of something we taught or gave you.

Nancy Bacon

Nancy Bacon is a teacher, instructional designer, and nonprofit leader known for creating learning experiences that move people to action. You can learn more about her at

Margaret "Meps" Schulte

Margaret “Meps” Schulte

Meps Schulte helps nonprofits connect and engage with their audiences through out-of-the-box creativity and clear, straightforward writing. Learn more about Meps at