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We help people run nonprofits with joy, confidence, and results.

“Once again, you’re presenting complex issues in an accessible way.  Loved it!”

Do you want to have a Powerhouse Board? Download the free “Build a Powerhouse Board” guide.

Do you develop or deliver nonprofit training? Download the “Nonprofit Learning Playbook.”

NEW SHORT VIDEOS! Check out Ready to Serve and Nonprofit Board Orientation from the Nonprofit Learning Center – two free video resources to help you recruit and orient board members for your cause.

We create easy-to-use resources to help nonprofit board and staff members.

We call them “Show Me How” materials, because everything we offer is based on step-by-step actions that you can do.

The Nonprofit Board Certificate Course

You have decided to serve your community through board service. Now take time to understand the job so you and your colleagues can serve well. The Nonprofit Board Certificate Course gives you practical information and a popular 24-page workbook to keep track of your ideas.

Intended for board and staff members, the Let’s Talk Money online course in Nonprofit Finance Basics will get everyone up to speed and on the same page when it comes to nonprofit finance.

Learn about fundraising

Nonprofit fundraising involves more than asking your friends and hosting events. How to Raise Money for Your Organization includes a workbook and 4 videos that will jumpstart your fundraising and help you engage with the right supporters for your cause.

Also Available

We also create courses to help the people who help nonprofits, including consultants and trainers.

Disaster Planning for Nonprofits

Disaster Planning for Nonprofits makes it easy to create a customized disaster plan. Features a 36-page booklet, step-by-step explainer videos, and all the tools and templates you need to create a Continuity of Operations Plan, or COOP.

The Trainer Academy

The Trainer Academy: The only on-demand course for the nonprofit sector that gives you all the knowledge, skills, and tools you need to be an effective trainer, both in-person and online.

Graphics and Design

Graphics & Design in Learning: Learn how to deliver a visual experience that reinforces learning. This 75-minute course will help you inspire more engagement and greater impact from your workshop or webinar.

A podcast for small nonprofits

The Nonprofit Learning Center partners with nonprofit expert Sara Brooks to deliver The Nonprofit Radio Show, offering short, learning-filled podcast episodes for small nonprofits.

Trusted by nonprofits and funders across the country

League of Women Voters of Washington
Community Foundation of Snohomish County
Native Action Network
Washington Food Coalition
Community Foundation of North Central Washington
Recovery Cafe Network
Tieton Arts & Humanities
Sherwood Trust
Nancy Bacon is a teacher, instructional designer, and nonprofit leader known for creating learning experiences that move people to action.
Margaret "Meps" Schulte
Margaret “Meps” Schulte helps nonprofits connect and engage with their audiences through out-of-the-box creativity and clear, straightforward writing.